HAK is a historical fantasy novel composed of two books. “The birth of the Drascos” is the first book.

The second book, “Sapere aude”, will be published in 2021.

The Kingdoms, populated by free men, disappear one after another, giving way to the Drascos, made of masters and slaves. When a Kingdom strays from the path of virtue, evil appears.

This manifests as an enormous Dark Cloud, a horrendous monster with six heads which destroys a Kingdom every full moon, so that a Drasco can take its place.

It falls to Hak, a woman errant knight, to attempt to destroy evil, fighting against Lucas, a Governor of the Kingdom of Fools who wants to transform the House of Hides into a Drasco.

Lucas is convinced that “possessing people” is the only possible way to become rich quickly without having to be accountable to anyone. And it is governors like Lucas who make the Dark Cloud appear in the sky, because a Drasco cannot become a reality if before it is not born in the heart of a king.



Being an Electronic Engineer cum laude and having taken a Second Level University Master Degree in Business Strategy, I worked for several years as a Manager in some multinationals in the TLC sector and in the Food sector. I am a Technical Service Manager, an IT Manager and an EDP Manager. The Business Process Reengineering , Technical Assistance and the Design of Complex Database for Industrial Applications are my specialities. I have been living with my cat, Pante, for 15 years. I am curious and confident, growingly allergic to institutions and bureaucracy. The vices and virtues of whom I am more proud of are Coherency, Honesty and Frankness. I love writing, cooking, going trekking, watching documentaries and cycling. In addition, I pride myself on making the best arancini of the world.

Just like Rocky Balboa I often get knocked out, but I always get up again saying “I didn’t hear no bell!”. My motto, inherited from Walt Disney,  is: